Data Intelligence


For a data-driven strategy.

The first stage in all our efforts is a reflection on the website’s goals. During this phase, we jointly identify all the key KPIs that are the foundation of our data-driven initiatives. The next stage is configuring all analysis tools and channels to collect information on our KPIs.

The most common KPIs we work with are CPA (cost per lead) or ROI (return on investment). This could be about optimizing for revenue and/or profitability. They are complemented by other indicators that provide a more comprehensive picture.

Web & App Analytics

The purpose of web analytics is to understand how visitors use your website or app. By using specific KPIs in a data-driven process, you lay the foundation for continuous improvement of the digital strategy.

We mainly use Google Analytics (UA & GA4) and complement basic functions with our indicators. Heatmaps and session recording tools like Hotjar/Crazy Egg complement the toolkit. They help us get a better visualization of behavior in terms of clicks, movement, or scrolling in a conversion optimization effort.

These on-site web analytics tools are complemented by off-site analytics. This focuses on trend analysis, monitoring of social media, and competitive analysis.

We assist you in:

  • Installing and configuring your web or app analysis tools such as Google Analytics, Big Query, Appsflyer, Hotjar, or Crazy Egg to utilize the tools’ full potential.
  • Identifying and working with relevant KPIs.
  • Working on conversion optimization for important pages and processes. For example, we work with conversion funnels and analyze where and why visitors leave the website on business-critical pages.
  • Analyzing the user-friendliness and design of the website.
  • Configuring attribution models to build data-driven omni-channel strategies.

Leads & eCommerce Tracking

Google Tag Manager (Client & Server-side)

Web and App analytics tools have some basic features that often need to be supplemented with custom indicators. It can vary from e-commerce tracking and session-based dimensions to event-based metrics such as submitted contact forms or video events. Services like Google Tag Manager, Adobe Tag Manager, or linking solutions for Matomo or Piwik facilitate an efficient and agile implementation of the leads and eCommerce tracking strategy.

We help you:

  • Track specific KPIs, including analyzing HTML code.
  • Configure Google Tag Manager or Adobe Tag Manager to handle all types of tags. This simplifies the administration and management of all scripts. For instance, we install Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads conversion scripts, e-commerce, and remarketing scripts, heatmap tags, and any custom scripts to suit your needs.
  • Implement the Meta Conversion API or Server-side tracking for sharper data collection.
  • Consider Google Consent Mode and GDPR with full compliance to the latest rules and for optimal consent modeling.
  • Offer technical support on Tag Management tools to your teams.
  • Create efficient processes for Leads and eCommerce Tracking.
  • Develop and code custom tracking scripts directly in the code if a tag management tool isn’t relevant for you.

Data Visualization

KPI-Dashboards & Looker Studio

We believe that data should be transparent, accessible, and useful. That’s why we’re experts at showcasing all key KPIs and indicators in relevant visualization tools. Your team gets a complete overview of the situation and can easily analyze trends to make data-driven decisions.

We mainly use Looker Studio for simpler projects and other more advanced tools for more complex analyses that involve data from various sources.

We assist you in:

  • Building KPI Dashboards for different groups within your organization. These could be custom overviews for management, sales teams, development teams, or editors and communicators.
  • Visualizing data from various sources in advanced visualization tools.
  • Working with data warehouse strategies and consolidating data from different sources for optimal reporting with tools like Google Big Query & Funnel.

Data Warehouse

Collect marketing data under one roof.

We are experts in Google Cloud Solutions & Google Big Query and can tailor-make a data warehouse with data from all your channels.

We assist you in:

  • Creating a Data Warehousing Strategy.
  • Addressing the GA4 quota issue for visualizing data in Looker Studio by using Google Big Query.
  • Increasing and controlling data retention for your strategic channels.
  • Configuring automatic data transfers from all your essential data sources.
  • Integrating third-party solutions like Supermetrics for Big Query & Funnel and building custom schemas and queries.
  • Integrating your first-party data like CRM data or external data sources into your warehouse. This can lead to more advanced customer segmentation, laying a foundation for sharper audience groups.
  • Visualizing data from Google Big Query, e.g., in Looker Studio.

Performance Audits & Attribution

Identify untapped potential.

We analyze how the digital strategy and the digital ecosystem look to then identify untapped potential. We delve into how channels interact with each other in various attribution models to determine how resources should be allocated optimally in a full-funnel strategy.

We assist you in:

  • Analyzing the entire tracking strategy and building a development plan. We delve into all the most advanced data collection strategies involving server-side, data warehousing, and API solutions.
  • Reviewing the structure in the digital channels and identifying opportunities to further develop the tactical in each channel.
  • Analyzing the situation from an omni-channel perspective.
  • Working with attribution so each channel can be analyzed with more objective eyes than with a standard non-direct last click model.
  • Developing custom attribution models.

Value Optimization

Take the data-driven even further.

Better results mean deeper work based on your data from other parts of the organization that aren’t necessarily linked to the data-driven marketing strategy. These can include KPIs related to fulfillment, shipping, overhead, inventory levels, Customer Lifetime Value, Frequency, Recency, or other key KPIs to be used as parameters in the optimization. The most important thing is to go from data collection to actionable insights that help you build profitable growth with maximum control.

Build more and more advanced strategies one step at a time:

  • CPA – Cost per Conversion per channel
  • RoAS – Revenue on Ad Spend per channel
  • PoAS – Profit on Ad Spend per channel
  • Omni-Channel Profit Optimization – Maximizing profit in all channels with the help of advanced attribution models and deeper customer segmentation for maximizing customer lifetime revenue/profit value.
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