Digital Ecosystem Roadmaps
& KPI-Mapping

Custom strategies that can be implemented.

Data-driven digital marketing is most effective when there is a clear vision, roadmap, and measurable goals behind the digital strategy. We view it as crucial to always tailor digital strategies based on an analysis of the current situation and that can be implemented with available resources.

We build digital strategies with a clear roadmap based on 4 building blocks:

  1. Current Situation Analysis & Mapping of the Digital Ecosystem
    • We need to identify what the digital ecosystem looks like, where we are, and what is in place to effectively develop or optimize the digital strategy.
  2. Vision and Measurable Goals
    • Identify clear and measurable goals, use indicators, and develop various scenarios for the digital strategy’s development.
  3. Strategy & Tactics
    • Once key KPIs are identified, it’s about how to implement the strategy with clear tactical efforts on selected channels and with the right team and competencies.
  4. Continuous Optimization
    • A digital strategy can only succeed through continuous optimization using data-driven efforts. The idea is to build strategy and tactics based on best practices for different channels, with a twist from all the experience we’ve gathered over the years.

Data Governance

Navigate the legal challenges with compliance & privacy.

Building a long-term strategy is about following rules without compromising performance. It’s also about staying alert in a constantly changing landscape and adapting the strategy continuously to always be one step ahead.

We help you:

  • Analyze data collection strategies with marketing and legal teams and ensure everything follows the latest legal requirements.
  • Build a data governance roadmap to guide you step by step towards an optimal solution.
  • Implement the latest standards for data collection and management that comply with legal requirements in all countries.
  • Implement the latest Cookie-policy solutions.
  • Integrate your first-party data into marketing strategy with a focus on privacy and consent.
  • Implement click fraud prevention solutions that help save money and focus on genuine potential customers.
  • Respect customers with sustainable use of remarketing strategies that consider, among other things, frequency capping and consent.
  • Reduce your reliance on third-party data by building models using your own first-party data mixed with attribution modeling.
  • Implement conversion tracking and bidding strategies based on the latest models that follow all legal requirements and maximize data collection without compromising results.

Smart Automation

Harness the potential of machine learning.

We are experts at building smart solutions that combine advanced optimization with smart automation. This helps focus time on what delivers the most results.

We help you:

  • Automate time-consuming and repetitive processes to focus on driving the business forward.
  • Build proactive monitoring solutions to quickly identify deviations from your baselines and act swiftly.
  • Implement advanced scripts and smart solutions in, among others, Google Ads, Meta Ads to maximize results.
  • Combine your first-party data with data from your channels and identify key insights for your strategy.
  • Dynamically segment customers based on various parameters like behavior, lifetime value, profit, recency, frequency.
  • Optimize with the help of attribution modeling and predictive analytics.
  • Automate data visualization in near-real-time to make decisions every day.

Growth & Profitability

Take the data-driven approach even further.

Better results mean deeper work based on your data from other parts of the organization not necessarily linked to the data-driven marketing strategy. These can include KPIs related to fulfillment, shipping, overhead, inventory levels, Customer Lifetime Value, Frequency, Recency, or other key KPIs used as parameters in optimization. The key is to transition from data collection to actionable insights that help you build profitable growth with maximum control.

Build increasingly advanced strategies one step at a time:

  • CPA – Cost per Conversion per channel
  • RoAS – Revenue on Ad Spend per channel
  • PoAS – Profit on Ad Spend per channel
  • Omni-Channel Profit Optimization – Profit maximization across all channels with advanced attribution models and deeper customer segmentation for maximizing customer lifetime revenue/profit value.
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