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High-Quality Visitors.

Google Ads is a highly strategic channel when it comes to digital paid marketing and search engine marketing (SEM). The goal of advertising on search engines is to appear just when the visitor is searching for what you offer. Used correctly, it brings highly qualified traffic to your website or app. The right visitors lead to higher conversion rates and better ROI (return on investment) or CPA (cost per lead). We are experts in customizing and optimizing SEM campaigns.

Clear benefits of this tool:

  • Cost-effective. You only pay when the visitor has clicked on the ad.
  • Relevant. You only appear for your selected search terms, ensuring highly qualified traffic. You can choose where, when, and how you want to appear.
  • Measurable. You get a clear figure on how much each spent dollar returns in terms of revenues or leads.

In search advertising, it’s crucial to appear when someone searches for what you offer. It’s equally important not to appear when your company isn’t relevant. Each Google Ads campaign requires continuous optimization to keep ads relevant, keep up with product offerings, and discover new keywords and customer groups.

We assist you in:

  • Identifying (keyword research), creating, and configuring your Google Ads campaigns.
  • Setting up conversion tracking.
  • Crafting custom data-driven optimization processes to achieve higher ROI and lower CPA levels.
  • Analyzing how competitors operate on Google Ads – identifying their main keywords, ads, and landing pages.

Briefly about advertising on other search engines:

We continuously advertise on Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, and Yandex. The optimization process for these advertising tools is very similar to Google Ads.


E-commerce advertising.

Advertising through Google Shopping allows e-commerce businesses to showcase their products at the exact moment the user is searching for them. Unlike regular text ads, a shopping ad contains an image, product name, price, and specific product information. The ads are based on a product feed. Traffic from Shopping campaigns is highly qualified and leads visitors interested in your products to your site.

We help you:

  • Configure your Google Merchant Center.
  • Build and optimize your product feed.
  • Craft custom Shopping strategies for different product segments, brands, price categories, or margin levels. Each strategy can have its own KPIs and optimization processes.
  • Continuously optimize your campaigns for the best possible results.
  • Develop custom bid strategies tailored to your goals, such as Revenue or Profit.
  • Create custom optimization scripts tailored to the strategy to maximize the effectiveness of the efforts.
  • Collect and use information from competitors’ offers.
  • Find a good balance between more traditional Shopping campaigns and Performance Max.


Maximize Conversions.
  • Remarketing, or retargeting as it’s also called, is one of the most cost-effective strategies in digital marketing. Remarketing can be done in various ways. You can choose whether to target all visitors who have been on the site or only visitors who have, for instance, viewed a specific page or added a product to the cart. Often, banner ads are used to bring back these visitors, mainly shown on Google’s display network (see below).

Both on Facebook and the display network, there’s also the option to use dynamic remarketing, showing the products the visitor has shown interest in. Just like shopping campaigns, this utilizes a product feed.

Remarketing lists are also used in search advertising (RLSA), e.g., bid adjustments for visitors who have previously purchased or visited your site.

We help you:

  • Set up the right tracking for your remarketing efforts.
  • Create, configure, and optimize product feeds for dynamic ads.
  • Build remarketing lists for various relevant groups.
  • Get more value from your other marketing channels.
  • Craft campaigns for both display and search remarketing.
  • Build Customer Match audiences to develop intelligent strategies from your own first-party data.


Banners & native-ads.

Display is a network of pages affiliated with Google. According to Google’s statistics, it reaches over 90% of all internet users. Each user falls into different interest categories based on previously visited websites. The ads are both text and image ads, although image ads are the primary medium. Display advertising doesn’t have as high relevance as keyword advertising but is an effective way to raise awareness of a brand and expand the customer base.

We assist you in:

  • Identifying relevant interest groups or keywords.
  • Analyzing competitors’ strategies on the display network.
  • Creating responsive, native, text, and image ads.
  • Setting up campaigns for different objectives with measurable KPIs.
  • Continuously optimizing based on keywords, affinity audiences, topics, interests, or websites the ads should appear on.
  • Identifying how other platforms can complement the omni-channel strategy with Native Ads.

Youtube Ads

Video advertising.

Youtube as a video ad platform has grown significantly in recent years. There’s a vast volume – YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world, making it an excellent platform for building brand awareness. There are various ways to display ads on YouTube, but generally, it’s essential to have a video that engages the viewer early on.

We help you:

  • Identify and segment your target groups to maximize the effectiveness of your Youtube marketing.
  • Choose the right ad format based on your objectives.
  • Analyze your competitors’ ads and identify opportunities and trends.
  • Ensure your ads match your landing pages.


Continuous Optimization.

Paid Search delivers long-term results only with continuous optimization efforts. It is essential always to stay updated and closely monitor the statistics to identify where each invested crown (currency) brings the most value.

Google Ads is constantly changing. This poses significant demands to keep campaigns updated, deliver high results, and strengthen one’s competitive advantage.

Together with you

  • We monitor the development of the campaigns.
  • We identify opportunities to improve the strategy.
  • We explore new potential business areas.
  • We allocate budget to what yields results.
  • We continuously filter out irrelevant traffic.
  • We ensure you get the maximum return from invested money.
  • We continuously follow your main competitors and how their strategy evolves over time.
  • We track how the tracking is structured to maximize data collection, which lays the foundation for an effective and data-driven digital strategy.
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