SEO Strategy

Goals, Analytics, and Tracking.

Before starting the SEO initiative, one must identify the website’s goal, the target audience, what the visitors should do, and decide how to measure whether the website has been successful or not. We do this by choosing clear KPIs to be measured. Some of the most common KPIs we work with are CPA (cost per lead), ROI (Return on Investment / Profit). They are always complemented with other indicators that help to get a clearer picture of the situation.

Technical SEO

A solid foundation structure.

To get the best conditions to rank high for strategic search terms, you need a good website foundation. The user experience must be the main focus of the website, with useful and accessible content across all types of devices. The site should be fast and safe for the user and indexable for search engines with clear architecture and quality content. Our experts continuously monitor the change in ranking factors and analyze what can contribute to competitive advantages. Search engines will always reward sites that value content and accessibility.

A selection of our areas of expertise:

  • Website SEO analysis and action plan focused on, among other things, duplicated content, use of canonical tags, client and server errors, robot.txt, and meta data.
  • Mobile-friendliness tests including AMP analysis and recommendations.
  • Indexing analysis and crawlability, including js and css for dynamic content.
  • Sitemap optimization in XML and HTML.
  • Optimization of internal links architecture and URL structure.
  • SEO plan for the implementation of Https on the site.
  • Planning for website migration to another URL.
  • Analysis of redirect structure including analyses of redirect chains, broken redirects, and redirect routines.
  • Recommendations and plans for load time optimization.
  • SEO recommendations for development teams during the design phase.
  • Strategic plans for international SEO.
  • Optimization of Structured Data.

On-Page SEO

Keyword analysis and content optimization.

Google and all major search engines determine what to display in their search results through keyword matching. The first step to the most relevant content is to find out what visitors want. The next step is to optimize the pages by being consistent regarding which keywords are used in, for example, the title, URL, Meta Description, texts, images, videos, and all types of content.

A selection of our areas of expertise:

  • Recommendations on content strategies at the website level.
  • SEO recommendations to editors and content teams.
  • Keyword analysis with difficulty analysis and priority plan.
  • Medium & Longtail keyword categorization.
  • Local SEO strategies.
  • Content-gap analyses against competitors.
  • Ranking analyses in different countries, devices, and comparison against competitors.
  • Semantic analysis for optimal variation of existing content.
  • Optimization of content, headings, URLs, anchor texts, images.
  • Optimization of Html head tags: Meta title and description.

Off-Page SEO

Backlinks & Authority.

High-quality links help your website gain more authority and improve the potential to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results. Low-quality links, according to current guidelines from Google, can have the opposite effect – for example, purchased or rented links. Therefore, it’s important to build the right strategy and have a plan on how to handle toxic links. A website with a solid foundation and a well-implemented on-page effort offers the foundation for a good link-building strategy. We want to create good content that other websites can link to. When it comes to link-building, it’s crucial to create the same kind of content that other sites already link to instead of the typical “post-and-pray” method where content is randomly created – but what most miss is getting the content out there.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Identification of potential websites for incoming links.
  • Recommendations for a link-building process with clear routines.
  • Anchor-text optimization from other websites.
  • Strategy and matching recommendations between link, anchor-text, and landing page.
  • Freshrank & Domain authority analyses.
  • Analyses of competitors’ link strategy.
  • Analysis of backlink profiles and monitoring, for example, broken links.
  • Link toxicity analyses and action plan.
  • Google penalty recovery plan.

Brief on Social Media:

Our recommendation is to be present on social media to build your brand and drive qualified traffic to the website. How content is shared via social media is a potential ranking factor that complements the rest of the SEO strategy.

App Store Optimization

We assist our clients in maximizing visibility and downloads of their apps in the App Store or Google Play by identifying optimization opportunities and tailoring strategies. This is called ASO or App Store Optimization. App search optimization builds on data collected from Google Play, App Store, In-app data from Firebase or Appsflyer, and competitive analyses.

Some of our areas of expertise:

  • Global tracking of App-related KPIs.
  • Install-rates.
  • App keyword ranking analysis.
  • Top Chart ranking analysis.
  • Keyword mining.
  • Competitive analyses.
  • Optimization of landing pages.
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