Data-driven lead generation for sales qualified leads

An essential goal of digital strategies for B2B is to build a stronger brand that successfully transforms compelling messages into engagement, leads, and sales. Understanding the dynamics of the customer journey is crucial to deliver optimal and measurable results built on several complementary channels.

We help you to:

  • Create effective omni-channel strategies to learn about your potential customers and reach them at various stages of their journey with compelling messages.
  • Understand which target groups, keywords, messages, ads, and channels work best to engage your customers.
  • Build reliable tracking and data-driven processes with continuous optimization in measurable iterations.
  • Combine SEO and paid strategies to maximize results.
  • Link marketing and sales to convert marketing-qualified leads into sales-qualified leads and calculate ROI on your B2B strategies. As Hubspot Partners, we help you maximize the platform’s potential. We also have experience with other related CRM systems and marketing automation platforms.
  • Connect your first-party data and gather reliable data for the digital strategy without compromising privacy and legal requirements.
  • Work with attribution modeling to get a better picture of the importance of the different channels throughout the customer journey.
  • Visualize results in real-time in custom-made dashboards.


Effective strategies for profitable growth and strong brands

We use the most effective strategies to optimize your results on all your channels, from search, display, video, social, and shopping.

We help you to:

  • Structure effective omni-channel strategies for eCommerce and allocate your budget in the best way.
  • Build optimal account structures in all channels to maximize profitable revenue growth.
  • Use effective bidding strategies for maximum visibility for strategic keywords and products.
  • Manage variations in your product catalog(s) and maximize the exposure of all products.
  • Tailor plans to optimize towards revenue and profit, with insights into customer lifetime value. We use first-party data focusing on privacy and connections between your other data sources, including Google Big Query.
  • Analyze attribution models to identify growth opportunities.
  • Optimize tracking for more effective data-driven strategies.
  • Monitor results in real-time in custom-made dashboards and work with efficient predictive analysis to budget future revenue and media spend.

Games & Apps

From Analytics to Omni-channel acquisition, retention, and monetization

The key to building a data-driven digital strategy for a game or app revolves around trusting the data with a proper analytics foundation. Once this is in place, one can construct a data-driven strategy. A challenge also involves how privacy affects data collection and how modeling can be used to address this challenge.

We help you to:

  • Tailor a stable and reliable App Analytics structure.
  • Create a data-driven optimization strategy based on your app goals, from user acquisition, retention to monetization.
  • Combine multiple channels to maximize results and push boundaries.
  • Optimize your organic visibility on App and Play store pages with the help of App Search Optimization.
  • Work with attribution modeling and build a strategy that reflects your business model.
  • Understand your users and customers better to adapt the growth strategy.
  • Work with A/B and Multi-Variable testing of ads to maximize engagement and results.
  • Work with cross-platform strategies that mix Apps with web-based games and solutions.
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