Symbiooz AB forms strategic alliance with Eicorn AB and Qamcom Group

Strategic Alliance

Qamcom Group and Symbiooz AB have both acquired cornerstone share posts in Eicorn AB in a move to form a strategic partnership between the three companies.

This is a very exciting partnership for us” says Linus Bille, Founding Partner and CEO of Eicorn AB. “We are now able to strategically combine world-class expertise from three different fields within the closest circle of management in Eicorn. Qamcom is bringing high-tech product development capabilities to the table, Symbiooz is a top-rated digital business development and implementation expert in our market, and Eicorn continues to deliver stunning results and strategies to corporate innovators. We are becoming a truly polymath organisation and that unlocks many new opportunities for all three companies as well as for our clients.”

Qamcom’s CEO Johan Lassing and Symbiooz CEO Arnaud Tiquet will both take positions at Eicorn’s board of directors during spring 2019, as will Jenny Hammarberg, Venture Partner and Head of Growth at Eicorn AB, whom together with other senior managers at Eicorn have acquired shares as well in this deal. Christian Lauritzen will end his tenure as Chairman of the board and continue to serve as an external advisor to Eicorn.

This was not a capital injection in the company, but an ownership diversification in order to accommodate for an even stronger position for Eicorn going forward” Linus Bille continues. “We the founders of the company have simply sold some of our shares to these corporate partners as well as to key staff to strengthen our ranks and build a unique alliance that will create a lot of value internally as well as externally.

Johan Lassing and Arnaud Tiquet also commented on the deal:

Eicorn has quickly established a position in the market that is unique and very difficult to take, which makes them strategically interesting to Qamcom. This position is based on the company’s authority and tangible results in regards to building corporate innovation programs from the top down in really big organisations, which is not an easy thing to do. Despite its small footprint, Eicorn succeeds in getting the attention of C-level management in very large organisations, which in combination with our capability to build the high-tech products and services of tomorrow is an excellent strategic fit.” – Johan Lassing, CEO Qamcom Group

“Symbiooz has delivered digital business analytics and web services to Eicorn since 2017 and we see great potential in a closer partnership. Eicorn’s models for enabling predictable and sustainable innovation go hand in hand with our models for enabling high-growth digital business practices. Symbiooz is also taking its own steps to develop a stronger position within the field of market-related data science and digital business services, and this partnership with Eicorn and Qamcom is a great opportunity for us to learn and find new opportunities to grow.” – Arnaud Tiquet, CEO Symbiooz AB

Contact information:

Linus Bille – – 0709 – 756 175
Johan Lassing – – 0704 – 262 780
Arnaud Tiquet – – 0733 – 515 615

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